About Cruzzin' Dreams!

After many years of attending the cruise night, the founders of Cruzzin' Dreams were given the opportunity to now host the weekly cruise. The previous hosts had decided they could no longer host the 9-year-old event due to the loss of members. When approached, the members of Cruzzin' Dreams gladly accepted the challenge. With only a couple of months to get the season up and running, new sponsors were approached and friends were reached out to so the season could be a success. It was!!

Along with the annual Cruzzin' Dreams Car Show during the third week of July and our Best of The Best Cruise in August, a total of five vehicles are chosen as representatives at the Annual Cruisin New England Magazine's Super Wheel's Showdown. These represent the top 100 Cars in New England.

Cruzzin' Dreams has sponsored Cruisin' at the Mansion on Thursday Nights at The Hebert Candy Mansion for the past sixteen  years. As a non-profit organization, Cruzzin' Dreams has raised funds and has made donations to many local charities each year during their April through September season, including, the "UMASS" Walk to Cure Cancer, and The Millbury Schools Drug Awareness Program. This year we added The Food Allergy Education Network to our list of Charities.

Up to 200 cruisers have attended our shows each week and even more have attended our Annual Classic Car Show and Flea Market which is held the 3rd Sunday in July. We hope everyone that comes to our Cruise's and Shows to show support enjoy themselves as we continue to keep the hobby alive! We would like to thank everyone for a GREAT 2019, and hope to see you back in 2020!!

We gladly welcome all comments and suggestions. Email us at carmiketoy@charter.net

Dominic Masiello: 508-839-2952

Mike Merzigian: 774-696-3479